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Because every farm’s effluent is different, we supply, install and service effluent systems tailored to suit your requirements.

With decades of experience between them, our design team will work with you to analyse your needs and create an effective system. We also look to use existing infrastructure where possible so it’s efficient to set up, run and maintain.

Effluent has been a big part of our service offering for many years. We’ve been manufacturing the Briggs model 10 and 15 effluent spreaders for decades, with over 3,000 sold nationwide. These units are still the preferred way of spreading effluent for many farm owners.

Over time, innovation and environment council regulations have changed. We’ve stayed up to date with industry standards so that we can supply, install and service a wide range of effluent equipment and dispersal options.

And to back it all up, our on-call service combines the best of our expertise, knowledge and resources to keep you running, ensuring peace of mind and productivity are maintained.

Get in touch and let’s talk about your farm.

We are experts, backed by over 25 years in irrigation. Trust us to solve your irrigation issues. Contact us first. We’ll come to your farm to assess your needs.


Whether you require an upgrade to your existing system or a full new installation, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to set you up with the right solution for all of your irrigation demands.

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Our team draw on decades of collective experience to select and install the pump, manifold and any associated accessories that hydraulically match your demands, with an emphasis on reliability and efficiency.

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