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Centre Pivot and Laterals

We proudly supply, install and service Zimmatic centre pivots and laterals. In our experience, we’ve found them to be some of the best quality, highest performing irrigation systems available. Zimmatic are at the leading edge of research and development within the irrigation industry. Year after year, these systems have proven themselves in varying types of terrain, cropping situations and irrigation requirements. This is because of our dedication to service and unique design features including.

Superior structure
The superior construction of our pivot points, support structure and towers provide you the stability where it counts the most. Zimmatic’s pivot structural designs include some industry-leading features and every component is designed for peak reliability, performance and efficiency.

Zimmatic drivetrain technology continues to set all industry standards for efficiency and longevity. Our centre drive and gearbox designs save energy costs while extending the life of the drivetrain. With the high efficiency features of drivetrain design, it’s easy to see how our centre drives have logged more than 500 million hours of operation.

Grow Smart control technology
Zimmatic offers a complete line of advanced Grow Smart irrigation control systems that utilize the most up-to-date computer technology. These systems allow you to remotely programme and monitor pivot operation more efficiently, saving you time, labour, water, energy, chemicals and money.

We are experts, backed by over 25 years in irrigation. Trust us to solve your irrigation issues. Contact us first. We’ll come to your farm to assess your needs.