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We proudly supply Angus Dragmaster, a high performance flexible layflat irrigation hose.

Angus dragmaster is “the professionals’ choice” thanks to its no questions asked, industry-leading 4-year replacement warranty and 10-year factory-backed warranty. No other hose manufacturer offers such a complete package of outstanding performance, long life, customer service and an industry leading warranty.

Lightweight, compact and with excellent coilability, Angus Dragmaster hose is easy to transport and store. It’s also more flexible than plastic hoses for smoother coiling and easier handling.

Enjoy low operating costs thanks to its unique textile construction for minimum pressure loss and maximum hydraulic efficiency.

Angus Dragmaster hose boasts superior kink resistance at low pressure and is also suitable for continuous operation at high pressure.

Designed for long service life on a wide variety of ground conditions with minimal maintenance, the durable rubber cover offers maximum resistance to agricultural chemicals, ozone, UV and weathering. It’s also resistant to microbiological attack from untreated and treated sludges and slurries.

The flexible joins of Angus Dragmaster hose means we can perform repairs to damaged hoses or hose extensions.

We are experts, backed by over 25 years in irrigation. Trust us to solve your irrigation issues. Contact us first. We’ll come to your farm to assess your needs.