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Effluent pumps
Effluent pumps are at the heart of any dairy farm effluent system. They take the most punishment and are subjected to the harshest of conditions.

At Rainer Irrigation, we supply and install a pump to suit any application. Effluent pumps need to be sized and suited correctly to ensure they perform at their best and to minimise downtime due to blockages or breakdowns. Our design team will help recommend and size and pump to suit you. We choose the type of pump and duty depending on the application for which it is intended, whether it be greenwater or un-separated effluent; and always with an emphasis on reliability and efficiency.

Stockwater pumps
To keep your stock water supply system going, you need a pump that can handle 24/7 operation. We take a lot of pride in offering the highest quality pumps and hydraulically designing a pipe and storage network to ensure efficient pumping is achieved.

Back up service
To ensure minimal downtime in the event of a breakdown, we keep a large supply of parts in stock and our experienced staff are trained in the repair and maintenance of these pumps. If pumps can’t be repaired quickly, not to worry, we offer loan pumps to get you through.

We are experts, backed by over 25 years in irrigation. Trust us to solve your irrigation issues. Contact us first. We’ll come to your farm to assess your needs.