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The Briggs model 10 and 15 effluent spreaders have been manufactured locally in Ashburton for decades, with over 3000 having been sold. These units are still the preferred way of spreading effluent for many farm owners, from one end of New Zealand to the other and across the globe.

Briggs’ spreaders perform a complex task by means of a few simple mechanisms. The retroaction of the effluent causes the boom to rotate for even spread of effluent. The rotation of the boom provides the motive force that propels the machine.

The machines are very robust and versatile with several speed settings and both models can be used for irrigation.

All spreaders are hot dipped galvanised for ultimate protection against corrosion including parts and accessories. We also keep a full supply of parts on hand to minimise any downtime should a breakdown happen.

We are experts, backed by over 25 years in irrigation. Trust us to solve your irrigation issues. Contact us first. We’ll come to your farm to assess your needs.